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Studio Antonini is an architectural and engineering firm with offices in France and Italy. Our staff has the expertise to provide full architectural design and engineering services, from concept design stage to construction.

Founded in 1987, with the purpose to combining architecture and engineering in a creative design approach It has successfully undertaken and completed over 140 projects.

Studio Antonini, for over 25 years, contributed to the construction of new residential, commercial, sports and public buildings. It has always been the reference point for seismic plannig, rehabilitation and reconstruction after the recurrent earthquakes in Italy.

From the beginning, we have always cared about the location and culture where our projecs took place and we strongly believe in the respect and importance of the environnement.

Our method of working is characterised by a sustainable design approach, thanks to a joint effort of our team with clients and consultants through all the planning stages.


…our main commitment is to create new value through the design process…

Eng. Franco Antonini